Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin School Classes.

asked the Minister for Education if he will state (a) the number of school classes in Dublin which contain (i) more than 40 and less than 50 pupils, (ii) 50 and less than 60 pupils, and (iii) 60 or more pupils; (b) the number of class-rooms which contain more than (i) one class and (ii) two classes; and (c) the number of class-rooms which contain more than (i) one teacher, and (ii) two teachers, teaching simultaneously.

The information supplied periodically by the schools to the Department does not indicate the number of pupils in separate classes under each teacher or the number of classes in each class-room and I regret that these particulars could not now be collected as all the schools are closed for summer holidays. It may, however, be of interest to the Deputy to know that, for the school-year 1954-55, the average number of pupils on the rolls of national schools in the County Borough of Dublin was 86,821 and that, on the 30th June, 1955, the number of teachers serving in these schools was 2,010. On the basis of these figures the average number of pupils per teacher was 43.

If I repeat the question when the schools reopen after the holidays, would the Minister say if he would then be able to make the information available?

Yes. It will require the making of inquiries of every school in Dublin. If the Deputy thinks over the matter and if he still wants the information——

Then, if the Deputy repeats the question in the autumn when the schools reopen, the information can be collected.

In view of the fact that the report of the Department of Education does not seem to have been available for some years back, will the Minister be able, when the Estimate comes before the House, to give the information required?

If information of a detailed kind such as that is required it would be better to ask for it by way of parliamentary question rather than on the Estimate. In the debate on the Estimate it is not feasible to go into the decimal pointing of things. I think the Deputy understands that it will be necessary to direct questions to each of the schools in the City of Dublin.