Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Resumption of County Galway Estate.


asked the Minister for Lands what progress has been made by the Land Commission towards the resumption of the O'Flynn (formerly O'Rourke) Estate at Biggera, Belclare, County Galway; and what the position is at present.

The Land Commission have recently instituted resumption proceedings but it is too early yet to indicate what the outcome will be.

Is the Minister aware that this man is anxious to sell? I think the Land Commission were at a stage when they would offer him a price. In view of the congestion in the area, if that is true, is there no means by which there could be arbitration on the question of price?

Is the Minister not aware that the buyer was a relation of an ex-Parliamentary Secretary and that, now that under the Dillon scheme the place has been rehabilitated, they want more money for it?

The position is that this place has not yet been acquired by the Land Commission. The Land Commission's power to purchase land under the 1950 Land Act is limited and from the point of view of procedure it is sometimes necessary to institute compulsory proceedings for resumption although the vendor may be willing to sell.

After all they got out of it under the Dillon scheme, they must have enough now.