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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 23 Apr 1969

Vol. 239 No. 13

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Nos. 18 and 19. No. 19 to be taken at 7 p.m. if not already reached. There will be no Private Members' Business.

May I ask, on the Order of Business, in connection with the disturbances yesterday in the Public Gallery, on whose invitation these subversive elements were admitted to the Gallery and if we can get an undertaking from the Deputy concerned that no further invitations will be extended to subversive elements?

Would the Deputy who asked the question like to say who told him there was a disturbance because he himself was not here all day yesterday?

I understand that Deputy Tully wanted to have the Deputy concerned chastised but when he discovered that it was a member of his own Party, he changed his mind.

The Chair remonstrated with those on the Gallery who caused the disturbance.

On the Order of Business, may I inquire when it is proposed to take No. 2?

It is proposed to order a First Reading for Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, whichever day will suit the Deputy. The Deputy may communicate with me on that.