Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Drainage Schemes.


asked the Minister for Finance what place the Dunkellin scheme, County Galway, holds on the drainage priority list; whether the original scheme has now been divided into two schemes; if so, if there is an order or priority as between the two; whether one or both will be done; if both, which one will be done first, and if only one, which one; and when a decision will be finally made.


andDr. Loughnane asked the Minister for Finance if and when he will be prepared to meet a deputation to discuss the progress of the Dunkellin drainage scheme, County Galway.

With yor permission, a Cheann Comhairle, I propose to take Questions Nos. 34 and 35 together.

The Dunkellin catchment is No. 10 on the priority list of minor catchment schemes. It is not intended to divide the catchment for drainage purposes.

I am prepared to receive a deputation to discuss the matter.

Is it unusual for Ministers or Parliamentary Secretaries to meet deputations when requested to do so by their own Deputies?

I receive deputations when requested from several people.

That is what I thought. Why then the necessity for Question No. 35?

This matter has been under discussion for some time.

This is nothing to do with me.

How long will it take to arrive at No. 10 on the priority list?

As the Deputy is aware, there has been a substantial cut in the amount of money available for arterial drainage in the current financial year and I cannot give any promise to undertake any new schemes in the year 1971-72.

With the possible lay-off of 100 men on the Boyne.

Where are the single men who are not getting any dole to earn money?


asked the Minister for Finance when it is intended to effect the drainage of the Maigue river.

A scheme for the drainage of the Maigue catchment was put on exhibition in the spring of 1969 but as a result of legal proceedings it was declared to be ultra vires. In the circumstances it became necessary to prepare an amended scheme for exhibition. The preparation of the amended scheme is well advanced but at this stage I am not in a position to indicate when construction work is likely to commence. As the Deputy will be aware it will be open to all interested parties, following exhibition of the scheme, to submit observations which will have to be investigated and considered. It is possible that as a result of this and of necessary statutory consultations some alterations may have to be made in the scheme before it can be submitted to the Minister for Finance for confirmation.