Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - South-West Cork Industries.


asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if he is aware of the urgent need for providing industries in Cork south west: and, if so, if he will indicate any proposals his Department have for industrial development in the area.

The Government's awareness of the need to establish industries in areas such as that referred to by the Deputy is evidenced by the generous facilities provided to encourage the establishment and development of industries.

Two proposals for south-west Cork, involving a total employment potential of 97, are at present under consideration by the IDA but I cannot give any further details at this stage.

Also, as the Deputy may be aware, there are two factories under construction in the area, one at Bandon and one at Bantry. These will, I understand, employ an estimated total of 40 workers at full production. Two other factories went into production in the past six months and will employ about 140 people at full production.

In addition, I should mention that the IDA's interim advance factory programme provides for the construction of two advance factories in south west Cork.

Could I ask the Minister if either of these factories to which he refers is the bacon factory which has been promised to south-west Cork for more than a generation? Is either of them a bacon factory?

I have been speaking about four factories——

Is any one of these factories the bacon factory promised to southwest Cork for more than a generation?

No, so that we must have another one which I have not got here.

It is a long time coming.