Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Poteen Making.


asked the Minister for Transport and Power whether his Department have at any time given consideration to the tourist value of the availability on a legal basis of traditional poteen; if so, the result of such consideration; and, if not, if he will examine the matter since many of the areas traditionally associated with poteen are depressed areas.

I would refer the Deputy to the reply by the Minister for Finance to other questions on this subject on today's Order Paper.

Surely the Minister will agree that one of the attractions for tourists is to secure a drop of the "mountain dew" or a bottle of poteen? Would the Minister not take steps to make it more readily available under proper and effective control? I am sure the Minister appreciates there are great possibilities in it from the tourist revenue and employment point of view.

The Deputy may not be quite up with the more recent facts of life in the liquor business. Recently there has been poteen on the market which is manufactured in Cork.

Does the Minister agree that the knowledge and expertise for making poteen is widely known and in use? Would he not agree it is wrong to give a monopoly to any one person or company in this matter thereby discriminating against those people who can probably make a far better brew?

I am totally in favour of the sentiments expressed by the Deputy, but my colleague, the Minister for Finance, does have Revenue problems in this matter.