Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Youth and Community Organisations.


asked the Minister for Education the amount of money paid out by way of grants for 1973 and 1974 to date to youth clubs and community service councils for the purchase of equipment for physical education.

For the year 1973 and to date £6,000 has been paid out to community recreation centres for the purchase of physical education equipment. A further allocation will be made in the next few days. Youth clubs as such do not receive assistance but there is nothing to prevent a youth club having the use of or participating in the running of a community recreation centre which to be eligible for assistance must be open to all members of the community.

Why are youth clubs not entitled to this grant? Why are they barred?

I am not barring youth clubs. If youth clubs are participating in the running of community recreation centres they may be eligible to obtain this grant but they must be community recreation centres open to all the people.

Is the Parliamentary Secretary saying that youth clubs and their activities are different from community recreation centres?

I do not recall having said that at all.

Taking areas where there is not a community room but where there is a youth club world this youth club be entitled to grants?

If they comply with the regulations which have been in operation in relation to these grants there is no reason why they should not be considered. If the Deputy has any particular application in mind he is welcome to supply details to my Department.

Would the Parliamentary Secretary not consider that youth clubs are by their nature a community effort? Would he not consider the possibility of paying grants direct to them?

That is a separate question.

Would the Parliamentary Secretary answer my question and take into account the youth club in Tramore in County Waterford?

I knew a lot of people were in the running for the Fianna Fáil nomination in Waterford but I did not think Deputy Andrews was one of them. Youth clubs as such are not excluded from the terms of the scheme and many applications from them have been received. The scheme is for recreation centres and if youth clubs meet these regulations they can qualify. This is not a scheme for youth clubs as such.


asked the Minister for Education when grants to youth, recreational and sporting organisations for this year will be announced.

An announcement will be made in the next few days regarding the allocation of grants to youth, sporting and recreational organisations.

Is it not true that these figures have been announced already?

There seems to have been some misunderstanding here. I understood that the sum provided for the coming financial year was £23,000. That was published in the newspapers and was given at a Press conference given by the Minister for Finance.

The question I am answering is in relation to the allocation for the coming year which, as the Deputy is aware, is made out of the previous year's allocation to the Department of Education. The announcement will be made in relation to both grants in the very near future.

In view of the fact that a volley ball team is representing this country would they qualify for assistance?

The Volley Ball Association of Ireland will be receiving a reasonable grant and if they wish to use some of their money towards the project which the Deputy has in mind I am sure they can.

I have allowed a big number of supplementaries on this question and I am passing to Question No. 84.