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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 17 Jul 1975

Vol. 283 No. 11

Family Law (Maintenance of Spouses and Children) Bill, 1975: First Stage.

Leave granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to make provision for periodical payments by a spouse for the support of the other spouse and any dependent children of the family of the spouses in certain cases of failure by the spouse to provide reasonable maintenance, to enable payments to be made by an employer, by deductions from an employee's earnings, to a person entitled under certain court orders to periodic payments for maintenance from the employee, to provide for other matters connected with the matters aforesaid and to amend in other respects the law relating to parents and children.
—(Minister for Justice.)

When is it proposed to take the next Stage?

Next Tuesday.

Subject to strong reservations. We have not got the Bill yet. It was not included in the package presented to us last Tuesday by the Parliamentary Secretary. The Minister will understand that we must enter a reservation about taking this on Tuesday.

The Bill will be available in the evening. It is an important measure. It is a measure that has been eagerly awaited. I am glad to get the opportunity of introducing it in this House before the end of the session.

Is it proposed to process it then?

What is the purpose of introducing it then?

So that the debate can commence and the Second Stage of the Bill can be under way.

The Minister can make a speech and commence the debate. The debate has already commenced. Fianna Fáil have published a very comprehensive document.

The joke of the year.

The Opposition should welcome this Bill accordingly.

It is difficult to see the purpose of it other than a propaganda purpose if it is not going to be processed to a conclusion in this session.

The reason is that the budget debate collapsed so happily there is room on the timetable of the House to take this important social measure.

If there is, why are we not given it for Wealth Tax?

There was another Bill in the guillotine measure—the Nítrigin Éireann Teoranta Bill. When will that be circulated?

It will be circulated shortly and most certainly it will be circulated in time to be taken before we rise.

This Nítrigin Éireann Teoranta Bill is most essential, as it will give an opportunity to Deputies to raise questions about the importation of cheap fertiliser which is causing the loss of jobs at the moment. Deputies from Wicklow and Wexford will know at 3 o'clock today that over 700 workers in Arklow expressed their concern at the loss of jobs. Nothing is being done. This Government removed the subsidy from fertiliser. They caused Irish jobs to be lost, very very precious jobs——


Chair, Chair.

The Deputy should resume his seat. Item No. 9.


Will the House please come to order and allow the business of the day to proceed? Order.

On a point of order, in case there should be any confusion, may I take it that No. 2 has been ordered for Committee Stage next Tuesday?

The Leader of our Party has made it quite clear that it is all subject to consultation. The Minister asked it to be ordered for next Tuesday and it was agreed, subject to very strong reservations.

No, that is not good enough.

That is what happened.

If the Parliamentary Secretary sat down we could get on with the business.

The Dáil does not belong to you any longer.

Obviously the Blueshirts have taken it over.

What about the blackmarketeers? Cut that game out. Anywhere you want it, we will give it to you—in garden, field or bog!

The Bill is ordered for Tuesday next. That does not necessarily mean that it will be taken.


Shut up the lot of you: you are making an exhibition of this bloody assembly.

We could not hear what the Chair said in response to the Parliamentary Secretary. I wonder would the Chair mind repeating it?

The Bill is ordered for Tuesday but that does not necessarily mean it will be taken that day. Item No. 9.

Second Stage ordered for Tuesday, 22nd July, 1975.