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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 24 Mar 1977

Vol. 298 No. 3

Written Answers. - Meath Brucellosis Reactors.


asked the Minister for Agriculture if his Department will pay a grant for all the brucellosis reactors of a person (name supplied) in County Meath in view of the facts that she is a widow with school-going children, that her herd was completely wiped out two years ago due to brucellosis and that she had the new milking cow only some months when the herd contracted brucellosis again.

I have had this case examined and find that, as the herdowner in question did not remove the reactors within the specified time to qualify for the full reactor grants under the brucellosis eradication scheme, only reduced grants became payable. No exceptions can be made in these circumstances.