Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Proposed Cabinet Changes.


asked the Taoiseach if it is his intention to make an early announcement on the proposed Cabinet changes referred to by him in Washington.

Any such changes will be announced in the Dáil at the appropriate time.

Will the Taoiseach accept that there is growing uncertainty throughout the country on the future course of Government policy arising out of his stated intention, announced recently, of a reshuffle in the composition of the Cabinet at the termination of the European Presidency? Does he agree that central to this unease about the shape of future Government policy based on this possible reshuffle of the Cabinet is his own position as Taoiseach, on which there is a good deal of uncertainty?

The Deputy should put a brief supplementary question.

It is related to the composition of the Cabinet.

The Deputy is entitled to ask a brief supplementary question.

I have nothing to add to my reply.

I am calling Question No. 2.

My supplementary question was relevant.

A reply has been given. As far as the Chair is concerned the Deputy is raising matters that do not arise out of his question.

I want to ask the Taoiseach what are his intentions about remaining on in that post because that is central to the uncertainty about the composition of the Cabinet.

It does not arise out of the question that is before the House.

In his most recent interview the Taoiseach did not clarify the position.

I have called Question No. 2.