Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Water Schemes.


asked the Minister for the Environment the aid, if any, under the western farm package being provided for the Ballybay water supply scheme, County Monaghan.

The Ballybay/Lough Egish water supply scheme was allocated a grant of £4,373,600 from my Department on 4 December 1981. Fifty per cent of this grant, that is £2,186,800, is recoupable, under the western package, from the European Guidance and Guarantee Fund (FEOGA).


asked the Minister for the Environment if he will sanction a subvention of £11,962 which was requested unanimously by Mayo County Council for Fahy/Kilmaclasser group water scheme.

State grants totalling £59,000 were allocated to the Fahy group water scheme, of which £58,240 has been paid to date. The request for approval to a subvention of £11,962 submitted by Mayo County Council has been fully examined by my Department, and it is considered that a subvention is not warranted having regard to the number of grant eligible members, the number of new house connections to the scheme and its potential for further development.

Is the Minister aware that in this scheme the group were asked to supply larger pipes so that they would conform with the regional scheme and that the extra cost incurred was as a result of a request from the county council? In view of the fact that, traditionally, subvention has always been paid in these cases by the Department, would he agree they should get the same treatment in this case as has been given in other cases in the county?

This group has been treated similarly to other groups. The local inspector has reported that whilst the grants are in accordance with what is paid elsewhere there is a problem here because private houses were connected where an adequate contribution had not been made and this is partly responsible for the demand for the extra allocation from the Department. I am not aware of the facts as stated by the Deputy but I shall look into the matter.

Mr. Gallagher

I assure the Minister that what I have said is correct. I am merely asking him to conform to what has been the practice in relation to providing subventions where groups were asked to conform with the planning for regional schemes in the county. I can quote several instances where subventions have been paid by the Department.

If the Deputy will give me details and examples of similar cases where allocations have been made because of a request by my Department I will have the case examined and communicate with him in due course.


asked the Minister for the Environment if he will approve the contract for stage I of the Listowel regional water scheme which comprises a pipe line from Listowel to Lisselton.

I am not yet in a position to convey a decision to Kerry County Council on the tenders for stage I — civil works and pumping plant — of the Listowel regional water supply scheme which are under consideration in my Department.

A tender has been submitted, the county council and the Department are quite satisfied with it. It is very important that approval be given to this scheme because it will provide supply to 300 householders and a supplementary supply to Ballybunion because the water supply there at present is completely inadequate. Would the Minister give approval to this scheme as soon as possible?

I will have this scheme examined because I understand the inadequacy of the supply as stated by the Deputy. I have to examine this in the context of the overall allocation and, as soon as I have an opportunity of doing that, I shall come to a decision.