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Dáil Éireann debate -
Thursday, 26 May 1983

Vol. 342 No. 12

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Item No. 7 (Resumed).

It was suggested on Tuesday that if we were running into difficulty with any part of the Finance Bill we would look for additional time or to alter the time on the various parts shown in the order. I give notice that we wish to go from Part I to Part 30 inclusive today and that, subject to discussions with the Government Whip, we either cut back on the other part or look for an extension from 12 midnight on.

Without prejudice to the question of an extension, which will be discussed between the Whips, we are, of course, agreeable to discuss any rearrangement of business which may be convenient to the Opposition.

The position is that unless there is an order of the House discharging the part of the order which has already been made and agreeing to extend the sections which were to be dealt with not later than 11.30 a.m. until 2.30 p.m., I must carry out the order already there. Is it agreed that sections 1 to 46, inclusive, be dealt with not later than 2.30 p.m. today—in other words, is it agreed unanimously that we substitute 2.30 p.m. for 11.30 a.m. where it appears in the order?



The whole position will have to be reviewed then, because this will involve subsequent changes.

I am perfectly agreeable to that. Are we then fixing the order immutably for the day?

If so, are there consequential adjustments?

There are consequential adjustments. They will have to be agreed and announced before 12.30 p.m.

We will do that.