Order of Business.

It is proposed to take No. 12.

(Limerick East): Since the postal strike people anxious to appeal against planning decisions have been unable to do so, An Bord Pleanála are refusing to take appeals by fax or any other method because they are not accompained by a fee. As a result people are being deprived of their constitutional rights. Could alternative arrangements be made so that the fee could be handed in to local authorities and held in trust——

I hesitate to disallow the Deputy but I have had to rule on matters appertaining to the postal dispute being raised on the Order of Business consistently in recent days. It is a matter that might be dealt with in another way.

(Limerick East): The appeals die after three weeks.

Can the House take it that the absence of the Minister for Tourism, Transport and Communications this morning is a clear indication that the Government are in fact dealing with the postal dispute?

A Deputy

Good try.

It is getting worse.

I would be happier if it was the Minister for Labour who was attempting to deal with this dispute because the Minister for Tourism, Transport and Communications has done little but exacerbate the situation in recent days. Is the Taoiseach going to intervene directly in the postal dispute? What steps is he taking, in view of the fact that it is likely that this dispute will continue for some time, to ensure that the electorate get the statement they are entitled to under the legislation we passed in this House relating to the referendum in time for polling day?

Members continue to refer to a matter ruled out of order.

The matter arises from the dispute and it is an important one on which the Taoiseach would need to give some indication to the House.

It is a very important matter and one that should be dealt with in the proper fashion in this House.

Each and every elector is entitled to a statement on the referendum.

Is it the Taoiseach's intention to call on both parties to the postal dispute not to take further action that may escalate it?

The matter is not in order. I am proceeding to the Order of Business proper.

It is very important that this call be made so that we will not have an all out strike.

I have ruled on the matter.

Will they get their social welfare if they are made redundant? Will they be entitled to unemployment benefit?


It is a disgrace. It is 1979 all over again.

Does the Minister intend to do anything?

On the Order of Business, will the Taoiseach consider making Government time available today to allow the Minister for Energy to explain to the House the outcome of his meeting with workers from Lullymore?

I thought the Deputy had something relevant to raise on the Order of Business.

I am asking the Government to make Government time available today——

Deputy Stagg must desist and resume his seat.

I am quite in order. Your ruling is not fair. I am in order to ask the Taoiseach to make Government time available today on a specific issue.

Deputy Stagg, there are many ways of raising the matter.

That is what I am endeavouring to do.

The Deputy will now resume his seat.

I am ordered to resume my seat very quickly.

Deputy Durkan, let us have relevance.

We in Kildare and Offaly would like your——

I am proceeding now to the business ordered, Report Stage of the Finance Bill.

I am seeking to raise a very important matter for my constituency. Will the Taoiseach give a direction to his ministerial colleagues in relation to the Lullymore peat briquette factory?

The Deputy has always been a very orderly Member of this House and I must ask him to desist forthwith.

I am sorry to be disorderly but in this case the jobs of more than 100 people in County Kildare are at stake and the Minister for Labour and the Minister for Energy are sitting in this House silent while this happens.