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Dáil Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 22 Feb 1995

Vol. 449 No. 5

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - County Wexford Harbours.

Hugh Byrne


22 Mr. H. Byrne asked the Minister for the Marine in view of his recent visit to Kilmore Quay and Duncannon in County Wexford, if he has satisfied himself as to the common sense of completing works ongoing at Kilmore Quay in a single phase and developing the natural and man-made resources at Duncannon; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [3682/95]

John Browne


26 Mr. Browne (Wexford) asked the Minister for the Marine in view of his recent visit to Kilmore Quay, County Wexford, if he will sanction the funds for the completion of the works at the harbour. [3949/95]

I propose taking Questions Nos. 22 and 26 together.

As the Deputies have indicated, I visited Kilmore Quay on 10 February 1995 to see the development works at first hand and meet representatives of the local fishing community. I was particularly impressed by the work completed to date and feel sure that the scheme, when completed, will result in an excellent harbour which will benefit primarily the fishing industry and also the leisure and tourism industry to some extent.

There has never been any question as to the common sense of completing the works in Kilmore Quay in a single phase. If sufficient funding were available for fishery harbour development works all projects would be completed in a single phase. During my visit to Kilmore Quay I informed the fishermen that the Department of the Marine wishes to complete this project during 1995 and that I will be endeavouring to obtain additional Exchequer funding to provide for a berthing wall along the reconstructured breakwater and slipway for the lifeboat. I am vigorously pursuing the allocation of this additional funding and I will keep the Deputies informed of the progress made in this matter.

With regard to Duncannon, which I also visited on 10 February, there are two development options available. Option 1 provides for stabilising the existing pier and increasing the berthing facilities at the head of the pier and over 55 metres along its length by dredging which would cost approximately £500,000 while option 2 would cost approximately twice that amount.

The funding available to my Department for fishery harbour development works in 1995 — approximately £2.38 million — is insufficient to provide for current projects, not to speak of taking on a new project such as the one at Duncannon. In the context of the £8 million under the National Development Plan for fishery harbour works for the period to the end of 1999, I am afraid it is unlikely that works at Duncannon will proceed in the short term. As I stated, I am already actively pursuing additional Exchequer funding to complete the major development at Kilmore Quay. I am aware of the need for additional funding for fishery harbour development generally and will be working to secure further funding, including funding for Duncannon.

I thank the Minister for visiting Duncannon and Kilmore Quay. Given that the work already completed at Kilmore Quay has provided value for money, will he insist that funding be made available to ensure that this golden opportunity is not lost and that the job is completed? Given that jobs, which he claims are the hallmark of the Government, will be provided at Duncannon, will the Minister insist that funding is immediately made available for this harbour? Landings by the fleet suggest that Duncannon, which has no berthing facilities, has a much lower status than Dunmore and Kilmore.

I am anxious to complete the work at Kilmore Quay but I cannot say today whether I can do this. I will make a decision within two weeks.

The Minister is giving many commitments today.

I would like to do something for Duncannon. I could name 20 other places around the coast which I would also like to help.

They are not as important as Duncannon.

That is a matter of opinion. I was impressed with what I saw at Duncannon and I would like to provide some assistance. However, this may take longer. I am very hopeful that the work at Kilmore Quay will be completed.

(Wexford): I thank the Minister for visiting Kilmore Quay. He told the fishermen that he would make a decision one way or the other within a few weeks which, I think, is up on Friday.Will the Minister make an announcement tomorrow or Friday that the works at Kilmore Quay will proceed?

Work is proceeding on the present scheme and it may take a little longer to complete.