Universities Bill, 1996: Report of Select Committee.

The Select Committee on Social Affairs has considered the Universities Bill, 1996 and has made amendments thereto and has amended the title to read as follows:

An Act to constitute or establish certain colleges and universities as universities under this Act; to allow for the incorporation of educational institutions as parts of universities or as universities in their own right; to provide for the governance of universities which are in receipt of moneys provided by an tUdarás by the constituting of governing authorities and academic councils and providing for their powers and functions; to make certain provisions relating to staff, planning and financial scrutiny and reporting of universities; to amend or provide for the continuation and amending of certain university charters and the continuation of statutes; to repeal the National Institute for Higher Education, Limerick, Act, 1980, the National Institute for Higher Education, Dublin, Act, 1980 and certain provisions of other Acts; to amend certain other Acts and for connected purposes.

The Bill, as amended, is reported to the Dáil.