An Bille um an Ochtú Leasú Déag ar an mBurnreacht, 1998: An Tuarascáil agus an Chéim Dheireadh. Eighteenth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1998: Report and Final Stages.

Amendment No. 2 is cognate to amendment No. 1 so they may be discussed together.

Tairgím leasú Uimh. a 1:

Ar leathanach 5, líne 14, "an téacs" a scriosadh agus "na téacsanna" a chur ina ionad.

I move amendment No. 1:

In page 4, line 14, to delete "text" and substitute "texts".

This is a drafting amendment replacing the word "text" with "texts" in both English and Irish versions.

Leasú aontaithe.

Amendment agreed to.

Tairgím leasú Uimh. a 2:

Ar leathanach 5, líne 17, "an téacs" a scriosadh agus "na téacsanna" a chur ina ionad.

I move amendment No. 2:

In page 4, line 17, to delete "text" and substitute "texts".

Could we have an explanation of the amendment?

We cannot discuss the amendment as it was taken with amendment No. 1.

This is also a drafting amendment to replace "text" with "texts" in both the English and Irish texts.

Leasú aontaithe.

Amendment agreed to.
Glacfar an mBille, mar a leasaíodh é, chun an breithniú deiridh a dhéanamh air.
Bill, as amended, received for final consideration.
Cuireadh an cheist: "Go rithfidh an Bille anois."
Question proposed: "That the Bill do now pass."

I thank the Members who spoke on all Stages of the debate on this Bill. The debate has demonstrated the wide measure of support that exists in Dáil Éireann for continuing European integration and for Ireland to play a full part in it. It is in all our interests that Ireland should be at the forefront of the process of European integration. The benefits which have flowed to Ireland through such participation have not just been financial. They have touched on every aspect of life in Ireland and have contributed centrally to the success and selfconfidence we enjoy today. As indicated at the outset, ratification enjoys almost unanimous support in this House, which reflects the overwhelming support in Ireland for European integration and Ireland's full participation in that process. The Amsterdam Treaty is the next necessary step in the creation of a larger, more responsive and ultimately more successful European Union.

Cuireadh agus aontaíodh an cheist.

Question put and agreed to.