Personal Apology by Deputy.

I call on Deputy Gogarty to make a short statement to the House.

I wish to apologise to the House and to the Acting Chairman who was presiding earlier. Under the salient rulings of the Chair, No. 428, the terminology I used was not included in the list. However, No. 431 rules that political charges are in order but personal charges will not be made, Members must not be thin-skinned in relation to political remarks. I was thin-skinned and I should not have used unparliamentary language and I apologise profusely to the House.

The Deputy is a disgrace.

Remind us, what did the Deputy say?

The Deputy should apologise to those who will be punished by this Bill.

Is that what one would call a mental reservation?

I wish to place on the record my objection to that half-hearted mealy-mouthed apology to this Chamber. It represents the greatest display in arrogance and contempt for colleagues in the national Parliament. I call on you, a Cheann Comhairle, to suspend that Member from the House.

These matters are considered by another body.