Business of Dáil

The Chief Whip has a business proposal to put to us.

It is proposed, No. 1, notwithstanding the provisions of Standing Order 72, that the division claimed on Second Stage of the Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill 2016 on Thursday, 7 July, and any division that may be demanded on the referral to the committee of the same Bill shall be taken immediately after Topical Issues today; and No. 2, that Private Members' business, which shall be the motion re: regulation of charities, shall be taken this evening on the conclusion of the Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2016 for two hours.

We object to the vote being taken today. We are only two or three weeks into a new system of voting, with votes due to take place on a Thursday, and we should stick with the system and not bend the rules so soon, those same rules having just been formed.

It might be useful if an explanation was given.

The Committee Stage was scheduled before the Second Stage could be passed.

Could we hear the explanation, Deputy, please?

In the key of G.

There is logic in this.

The explanation is that we would like, and I think we have agreed this at the Business Committee, to pass the legislation that is on the books for the next couple of weeks. The Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill is one of those Bills. We hope to be able to take Committee Stage of that Bill on Thursday. We cannot have a vote on a Bill on a Thursday morning and have Committee Stage on the Thursday afternoon.

Absolutely. It is common sense.

With the acceptance and the forbearance of the House, I would like to have the vote on the Second Stage today.

We should do that by agreement. It is common sense. Otherwise, legislation cannot pass-----

Correct, and we need it.

-----and the Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill is particularly important in regard to crime.

Thank you, Deputy Martin. Does anyone else wish to speak on this matter?

I wish to speak on a later matter in today's business.

We are dealing with this matter.

Is it agreed? Can we agree it?

No, it is not agreed.

It is not agreed.

Why is it not agreed?

We are against it because it criminalises people. It is not going to deal with the problem.

Then deal with the Bill.

Question, "That the proposals in respect of today's business be agreed to", put and declared carried.