Standing Orders: Motion

I move:

That, in accordance with the recommendation of the sub-Committee on Dáil Reform under Standing Order 107(1)(a), the Standing Orders of Dáil Éireann relative to Public Business be amended as follows:

(a) in Standing Order 23(1)(b), by the substitution of ‘7.48 p.m.’ for ‘5.48 p.m.’;

(b) in Standing Order 38(1)(b), by the substitution of the following for subparagraph (ii):

‘(ii) the Government business which immediately follows the weekly division time on Thursday, but in any case, no later than 3.30 p.m.:’;

(c) until further notice in the 32nd Dáil, in Standing Order 41(1)(iv), by the insertion of the following proviso after the rota:

‘Provided that the above rota shall revert to Day 1 following a Christmas, Easter or summer recess, in order that each party or group (as defined in Standing Order 143) may put down Questions nominated for priority to all members of the Government: where the rota ends on Day 6 immediately before a recess, the Business Committee shall consider whether the rota, following the recess, should commence on a day other than Day 1.’;


(d) in Standing Order 141, by the insertion of the following additional paragraph:

‘(3) Nothing in this Standing Order shall preclude a Joint Committee from undertaking detailed scrutiny as set out in paragraph (2) and reporting thereon to both Houses prior to Committee Stage consideration of the Bill by the Select Committee.’.”