Business of Dáil

I understand the Chief Whip, Deputy McHugh, has a proposal to put to the House.

Tá brón orm cur isteach ar ghnó an Tí, ach tá moladh le déanamh agam. Notwithstanding yesterday's Order of Business, it is proposed that statements on the urgent need for water conservation shall be taken tomorrow on the conclusion or adjournment of the Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill 2016, the statements shall conclude after 45 minutes, if not previously concluded, and shall be confined to a single round for a Minister or Minister of State and the main spokespersons for parties and groups, or Members nominated in their stead, of five minutes each with a five-minute response from a Minister or Minister of State, and all Members may share time. If the statements have not concluded by 5 p.m., Topical Issues shall be taken on their conclusion.

Is the Government's revised proposal agreed? Agreed.