Gnó na Dála - Business of Dáil

I understand there is a proposal to change the Order of Business. I call Deputy Bailey.

It is proposed, notwithstanding the Order of Business on Tuesday, 2 October 2018, that the Dáil shall take No. 24b, motion re report of the Joint Committee on Justice and Equality under Standing Order 114 on the amended proposals for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on establishing a framework for interoperability between EU information systems – COM (2018) 478 and COM (2018) 480, tomorrow, without debate, immediately before the voting block.

It is not agreed. I was not expecting this. This was the proposal that was referred to the joint committee yesterday, which was to be taken after the committee meeting next week. Is that correct?

Does the acting Whip have any clarification on that?

My understanding is different, but I will seek clarification on it for the Deputy.

I am not sure I can agree to it. Reservations were expressed, although not by me, in private session of the committee yesterday and the matter was to be discussed further at a committee meeting next Wednesday. I am not sure we can-----

It is customary that the Chair will have a copy of it, and I do not have a copy. I am just facilitating the House.

We can do it tomorrow.

I am sorry, a Leas-Cheann Comhairle. It was discussed by the joint committee today.

I know, but the Chair does not have a copy, which is unusual. If it was discussed by the joint committee, was it discussed with the Whips?

I might suggest that rather than take a decision now, if some clarity can be provided, Deputy Bailey can come back in about an hour. We can interrupt business.

I was told it was discussed today at the committee, but I will seek clarity on it and come back to the House in an hour.

Not at the Business Committee, however, because Deputy Ó Snodaigh is a member of that committee. If the Deputy would obtain clarity and come back at a later stage, we will facilitate her.

I thank the Leas-Cheann Comhairle.