Standing Orders: Motion

I move:


(a) notwithstanding the Order of the Dáil of 16th December, 2020, the sequence in which Leaders shall be called upon to put questions between 6th July, 2021, and 15th July, 2021 pursuant to Standing Order 36(ca) shall be in accordance with the rota contained in the report of the Committee on Standing Orders and Dáil Reform dated 5th July, 2021, entitled ‘Rota for Leaders’ Questions rota pursuant to Standing Order 36, and amendments to Standing Orders arising from recommendations of Committee on Budgetary Oversight’;

(b) Standing Orders 215 and 219 of the Standing Orders of Dáil Éireann relative to Public Business be amended as provided for in the aforementioned report, and that the new Standing Order 215A as provided for in the report be adopted; and

(c) the Resolution of the Dáil of 15th June, 2021, in relation to arrangements on the Order of Business be amended by the substitution of ‘up to and including 13th July, 2021’ for ‘until Thursday 1st July, 2021’.”

Question put and agreed to.