Business of Joint Committee

I ask members to turn off their mobile phones because they interfere with the recording and broadcasting meaning that people cannot be heard properly.

We will consider the topic of the national spatial strategy for 2002 to 2020 and its successor within the context of the-----

When will we get a chance to address what happened at the last meeting, where the Chairman took it upon himself to represent all of the committee by doing what he did?

In the private session after the-----

The Chairman told-----

Let me answer the question. We will have a private session during which we will go into full detail on the topic of the fishermen that I understand the Deputy wishes to discuss. Is that right?

We will address that later. It is just that we have guests before us.

At what particular time? I cannot stay here all the time and I want to be there for that.

It depends how many questions our guests are asked. I cannot say for sure, but it will be towards the end of the meeting.

There are two parts to this meeting, session A and session B. Is it after the first session?

It is after both sessions.