Business of Joint Committee

As we have a quorum we shall commence in public session. I thank Senator Kelleher for facilitating the commencement of our meeting today. I remind members to please switch off their mobile phones as they interfere with the recording equipment. Apologies have been received from Deputy Fitzpatrick and Senators Black and Ó Donnghaile. The purpose of this morning's meeting is to discuss the issue of regulation and control of the gambling sector. We shall first meet with the Minister of State at the Department of Justice and Equality, Deputy Stanton, for an update on the Government's legislative plans in this area. After that, we will be meeting with Dr. Crystal Fulton of UCD. I welcome the Minister of State and his officials here this morning and I will shortly invite him to make his opening statement.

I must remind members and the Minister of State that they should be aware that, under the salient rulings of the Chair, members should not comment on, criticise, or make charges against a person outside the House or an official by name in such a way as to make him or her identifiable. Members should also bear in mind that the Minister of State must leave us at 9.45 a.m. and to therefore keep their contributions short. Following the Minister of State's departure we shall continue our engagement with Dr. Fulton. I now invite the Minister of State to make his opening statement.