Perhaps you will give me permission to bring forward a resolution, which, I think, will not be in any way objectionable to any member of the Seanad. The resolution reads as follows: "That this Senate requests the Department responsible for the Ordnance Survey Office in Phoenix Park to obtain from the British Government, and have transferred to above office all the original engraved plates, drawings, triangulations and notes, etc., relating to the Surveys of Ireland; and from the Hydrographic Department of the Admiralty all similar plates, notes, etc., of the Charts of Irish territorial waters, and the larger Scale Plans of the Harbours, Rivers, etc., in Ireland." It is probably within the knowledge of a great many of us that many of those plates and documents were removed to the Ordnance Survey Office in Southampton. The result of that has been that the work which, in my opinion should be done in Ireland, is done in England. In addition to that I think the proper custodians of those documents and plates, many of which are works of art, is the Irish Government, and the proper place for them is the Ordnance Survey Office in the Phoenix Park. With the permission of the Seanad I shall take the liberty of moving this resolution.

I have great pleasure in seconding that resolution.


If there is no objection I shall put the motion. It seems to contain nothing contentious, and probably the Seanad will be willing to accept it. If it is objected to, having regard to the fact that no notice has been given, I would not myself be responsible for accepting it. Being non-contentious, however, and dealing with a matter that I think deserves attention, probably the Seanad will accept it.

Motion put and agreed to.