I want to say in connection with this motion—I think that An Cathaoirleach intended to mention it if he were here— that it would be a great convenience from the point of view of the members of the Seanad that some days' notice should be given of a motion of this kind. It would facilitate Senators considerably if a motion of this kind were circulated. Members would then know the day on which it was coming forward and would have the actual wording of the resolution, and what is more important, amendments such as were proposed to-day would appear on the Order Paper. I mention this matter with a view to facilitating the future arrangements of the Seanad. I am in a difficulty with regard to the future programme. I took it from the Cathaoirleach that it was not intended to take any of the other Bills this evening, but to postpone the other business which appears on the Order Paper until Wednesday next. The Minister for Agriculture is interested in one of these Bills and he is willing to wait until Wednesday. In that case, when we meet at 11 o'clock on Wednesday, we will have the remaining business left over from to-day, namely, the Second Report of the Joint Committee on the Temporary Accommodation of the Oireachtas, the Local Government (Rates on Agricultural Land) Bill, Second Stage; and the Committee Stage of the Dáil Eireann Courts (Winding Up) Bill. There will also be the Second Stages of the Local Elections (Postponement) (Amendment) Bill, the Defence Forces (Temporary Provisions) Act (Continuance and Amendment) Bill, Criminal Justice (Administration) Bill, Criminal Justice (Evidence) Bill.

There will be the Committee Stages of the Finance Bill, National Health Insurance Bill, Agricultural Produce (Eggs) Bill, Unemployment Insurance Bill and Dublin Police Bill, and also the Report Stage of the Railways Bill and the Fifth Stage of the Pilotage Orders Confirmation Bill and possibly the Second Stage of some other Bill may reach us between now and next Wednesday. Senators should come prepared to sit for several days. I want to draw attention to the fact that we have not taken the Second Reading of some Bills which were on the Order Paper to-day. That will mean that we may have to be prepared to take the Committee Stage immediately after the Second Reading, or it will mean a considerable delay in these Bills. I mention that so that members of the Seanad may prepare any amendments for the Committee Stage during the interval between this and Wednesday next.

Why should it be necessary to take the Third Reading the day after the Second Reading?


I did not say it would be necessary, but I said that the Seanad is adjourning to-day without taking the Second Stage of any of these Bills. It might be found desirable to take the Committee Stage the day after the Second Reading. I make no comment on what the Seanad will do in the matter. I simply draw attention to it.

It would be of great convenience were we to know that the order of business on the Paper might be adhered to. If we knew, for instance, whether the Railway Bill was to be taken at 11 o'clock, people coming from the country would have to catch an early train on Wednesday morning, but if you said now that the Railway Bill will not be taken until after lunch it would be very useful.


I do not think, as Deputy-Chairman, I am in a position to make that statement. The present policy of the Seanad is to put the business down on the next agenda, and not to fix any specific dates. I think it is practically impossible to give any guarantee; probably An Cathaoirleach will try to ascertain the desire of the Seanad as to what order it should be taken. Beyond that it is impossible for me to give any promise which I would not be in a position to have carried out. There is no other business except the Motion on the Adjournment. Senator McLoughlin has given notice that he would call attention to certain matters. I ask him that he would formally move that we adjourn until Wednesday at 11 o'clock.