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Seanad Éireann debate -
Monday, 28 Jul 1924

Vol. 3 No. 17


Motion made and Question proposed: "That this Bill be considered on Report."

With regard to the Schedule, Part I., I mentioned a particular case to the President when the Bill was in Committee and he indicated that this particular man and people like him were in the position in which they were, largely because they had failed to do anything for themselves. My information was that one particular man at any rate—and I think there may be one or two more— is actually tired writing to the different departments but, so far, without any definite result. Might I appeal to the President to make some arrangement to see that these men are no worse off than if they had come under the terms of this Bill; in other words, than if they had given their allegiance to the old Board and resigned instead of acting under the Department that recognised only the Local Government Department of Dáil Eireann. I do not know that there is anything definite against bringing them under the terms of this Bill. I know of only one case, and it would seem a pity that one should suffer when all the others have been covered. If there is any particular reason why he should not come in, I would ask the President to kindly endeavour to see that this particular man does not suffer as a result.

I fear that a special Bill would be necessary in his case. The mere fact of writing to the head of a Department or somebody of that sort is scarcely good enough. It was open to him in 1921, and perhaps in 1920, to come into the Dáil Eireann Courts and to have demanded from them the rights and privileges that others got through the Local Government Board at the Custom House. Now this is a case where apparently the man took no action, and his case now is that where he is employed temporarily he should be employed permanently by the Government. The Government has no liability to him at this stage.

He has, I believe, a good case against the Limerick Technical Committee, but it is affected by the fact that he left the Sligo Committee aften ten years' service and took up with the Limerick Technical Education Committee for one year. I do not think he would have a good case if he claimed for the whole eleven years against Limerick. I will undertake if the Senator will write to me on the subject to see whether or not anything can be done. I believe there were others also in Limerick and I do not know exactly how they stand. Those who, as the Senator puts it, stood loyally to the committee functioning under Dáil Eireann have a moral case. But they had nobody to take it up on their behalf. If the Senator takes it up something may result.

I will undertake to do that, Mr. President.

Question put and agreed to.

I move that the Standing Orders be suspended to enable the final stage of this Bill to be taken.

I second the motion.

Question put and agreed to.
Motion made and question put: "That the Bill be received for final consideration and do now pass."