Now that this Bill has been disposed of I might, without referring in any way to the merits of this Bill say a word or two with reference to what we have been informed by Senator O'Farrell is the persistent canvass being pursued, according to him, even in the lobbies of this House. It is hardly necessary for me to say that if such a thing exists we must all greatly regret it, but at the same time it takes two parties to carry out a system of that kind. It takes the canvasser and the members of the Seanad. The members of the Seanad will have themselves to blame if they are in any way a party to it or lend themselves to it. Speaking for myself, and, I am sure, the members of this House, I do not think that any self-respecting or independent citizen would either put or have his name put forward for election or re-election if the result is to depend on a system of canvassing of that kind. Therefore I appeal to each member of the Seanad to put his foot down and resist any approach made to him for any purpose of that kind.