Constitution (Amendment No. 21) Bill, 1933—Committee Stage.

Bill passed through Committee without amendment and reported. Report Stage fixed for Wednesday, 1st November, 1933.

Has the Minister considered the point I made last week? Is it his opinion that, under this Bill, it will be possible for the Executive Council, should they think fit, to advise the Governor-General to refuse assent to a Bill?

As there were no amendments submitted for the Committee Stage, I did not anticipate that any question would be raised to-day. I assumed that any matter of the sort the Senator mentions would arise on the Final Stage. If the Senator is willing to leave this matter over until the Final Stage, perhaps I will be in a better position to deal with his point.

I do not want to press the Minister into answering now. I raised the matter purely so as to have the Bill in order. I did not submit any amendment, as I rather expected the Minister to deal with my point to-day. Probably the best thing would be to put down an amendment formally for the Report Stage simply for the purpose of a discussion on this point.


Quite so.