Slaughter of Animals Bill, 1933—Fifth Stage.


Shall we take the final stage now?

There are one or two slight errors in the amendments. I do not know whether there would be any difficulty about putting them right. There are powers to amend printers' errors, clerical errors and so on, and I am just calling attention to it. For instance, in the amendment as written a line is incorrect, I think, in Numbers 7 and 8. If the Clerk's attention is called to it publicly I think that would be sufficient.

I think you have power, Sir, to put that right.


Yes, we have power to put such a thing right if it were wrong, but it is not wrong. Senator Johnson is under a misapprehension, which doubtless arises from the fact that he is using a wrong copy of the Bill.

Question—"That the Bill do now pass"—put and agreed to.