Privileges of the House.

I should like to draw your attention, a Chathaoirligh, under Standing Order 26, to a matter which would appear directly to concern the privileges of the Seanad. This afternoon, I brought in two friends, for whom I had obtained tickets of admission to the Visitors' Gallery, to the gate at Kildare Street—but they were refused admission by the military, who stated that they were acting under orders. They were kept out by force. I can only assume that the reason the visitors were not admitted is that they were wearing a certain dress—blue shirts—against which there is no law whatever. I ask you, a Chathaoirligh, to rule that the matter is one which, in your opinion, directly concerns the privileges of the Seanad and I move accordingly.


The question raised by Senator Miss Browne is one of extreme importance, and, if Senator Miss Browne's facts are correct, a breach of the privileges of this House of the Oireachtas has, undoubtedly, been committed. In the circumstances, I would prefer the Minister for Defence to be present here before I deal with the matter, and I should like a message in that sense to be conveyed to him accordingly. In view of the importance of the matter, if the Minister is not present when the time for the adjournment is reached, I shall make my statement in his absence. I would accordingly ask Senator Miss Browne to postpone her motion under Standing Order 26 until a later stage in to-day's sitting.

I agree.

Question adjourned accordingly.