Private Business. - Constitution (Amendment No. 23) Bill, 1934—Message from the Dáil.

The following Message, dated the 23rd April, 1936, has been received from the Dáil:—

Dáil Eireann has this day passed the following Resolution:—

The Constitution (Amendment No. 23) Bill, 1934, having been sent on the 6th day of February, 1936, to Seanad Eireann in pursuance of a resolution of this House passed on that day under Article 38A of the Constitution, and the period of sixty days mentioned in that Article having elapsed since the said Bill was so sent to Seanad Eireann, it is hereby resolved that, as Seanad Eireann did not pass the said Bill within the said period of sixty days the said Bill be deemed to have been passed by both Houses of the Oireachtas at the expiration of the said sixty days in the form in which it was so sent to Seanad Eireann on the 6th day of February, 1936.

The Bill referred to in the Message which I have just read is the Bill which abolishes University representation in the Dáil.