Mercantile Marine Bill, 1955—Report and Final Stages.

Amendment No. 1 not moved.

I formally move amendment No. 2:—

In page 7, line 51, after "colours" to add "except on the foremast or appropriate other place."

I see that the Minister has set down a different amendment, No. 3, and I think, with respect, the Minister's amendment is far better than mine, so I would like to withdraw mine.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Government amendment No. 3:—

In page 7, between lines 51 and 52, to insert a new sub-section as follows:—

(2) The flying of a flag by way of courtesy only, in accordance with accepted international usage, shall not be a contravention of this section.

Amendment agreed to.

I move amendment No. 4:—

In page 30, line 24, before "Cork" to insert "Ballina (River Port)".

On a previous stage of this Bill, I had this amendment down and was assured by the Tánaiste that, if it was desired to register Ballina port, it could be done. This was a progressive port at one time, quite a lot of employment being given there, and the people there do not wish that it should be placed second to Westport, which is a registered port. At the same time, if it introduces any difficulty, I have no hesitation in still accepting the assurance given me that a port may be registered at any time, if the people concerned make application.

I can assure the Senator that, if a reasonable case is made at any time, it will be considered, but at present there is no reasonable case for the registration of Ballina port.

Who are the people to make the case for registration?

Yourself, for one.

The port authorities?

Or the ship owners.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.
Bill, as amended, received for final consideration, and passed.