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Seanad Éireann debate -
Wednesday, 13 Dec 1972

Vol. 73 No. 15

Order of Business.

It is proposed to take Nos. 1, 2 and 7 on the Order Paper.

May I ask Senator Brugha if he would take note of the fact that a motion has been added at the end of the Order Paper requesting the Seanad to take note of the Report of the Council of Trustees of the National Library of Ireland, which has just appeared? It is now more than a year since Senator Alexis FitzGerald and I put down a motion to note the report of the National Library Trustees for the previous year. We are now two reports behind.

The House will remember that in the last two years we have had extremely good and useful debates on this institution and the National Museum. They were conducted with the minimum of party politics. The people who work in these institutions have expressed their appreciation of the way in which their problems were discussed here. I would ask Senator Brugha to use his influence with the Leader of the House to have another debate as soon as possible on Motion No. 24 with which we could join No. 18. My side of the House would be quite willing to discuss No. 17, which refers to the National Museum, on the same occasion. It would be advisable if we could establish in the House a precedent of not letting a year go by without discussing the affairs of the National Museum and the National Library.

I should like to ask Senator Brugha if he could ensure, in view of the fact that so few motions have been debated in the current session, that we allot a certain number of sitting days in the beginning of the New Year to deal with motions. I am particularly interested in Motion No. 16, which was to be taken earlier but had to be deferred owing to the inability of the Minister to be present. I feel sure the House would appreciate such an arrangement.

Is it right that the House will be sitting next week to discuss Bills which cannot be taken today? If so I wonder would it be possible next week to take No. 7 with No. 5 on the Order Paper.

It is suggested that we would take this motion with No. 5 on the Order Paper next week.

It might be as well for the Chair to point out that the substance of Nos. 5 and 7 on the Order Paper are quite different. It is not easy to see how they could be taken together.

I did not mean they could be taken together. It would be the same Minister who would be dealing with each item. I am pleased that No. 5 on the Order Paper is not being taken today. It would suit me much better if Nos. 5 and 7 were taken on the same day. I assume the House will be meeting next week.

Is the House agreed that we should take No. 7 today?

Presumably there is no particular urgency about No. 7. The Seanad will be sitting next week. No. 5 will be taken next week. Senator Boland would be dealing with both Nos. 5 and 7. It would suit him to have them taken the same day. It is therefore suggested that we defer No. 7 until next week.

My problem is that I should be attending a joint committee of the two Houses meeting this afternoon to discuss a rather important matter. I did have to offer my excuse to the joint committee to come here today to find out about this.

It is agreed that we take No. 7 next week. I have made a note of the observations of Senators Kelly and West. I cannot reply now but will pass them on to the Leader of the House.

Is it agreed to take Nos. 1 and 2 only?