Courts and Court Officers Bill 2009: Report and Final Stages.

We are now on Report Stage.

I believe Senator Bacik wishes to retable one amendment that she moved and subsequently withdrew on Committee Stage.

I move amendment No. 1:

In page 7, line 1, after "prescribe", to insert the following:

", in accordance with the standards already provided for in respect of persons held lawfully in Garda custody or under the Prison Rules 2007 (S.I. No. 252 of 2007)".

There is a slight Alice in Wonderland sense about this Report Stage debate. I do not propose to retable amendments Nos. 3 and 4 that I withdrew on Committee Stage. However, I do want to retable and press amendment No. 6 to section 12 for the reasons we have already outlined. I am grateful to Senator Regan for expressing his support for it. It would strengthen the section and enable the Minister to have regard to certain standards already in place.

We have already had the debate on this amendment. I have outlined the reasons we are opposing it, although I understand it. I have given consideration to it, but I have not changed my position following the debate here. Therefore, I will be opposing it.

Amendment put and declared lost.
Bill received for final consideration and passed.