Committee on Procedure and Privileges: Motion

I move:

That the report of the Committee on Procedure and Privileges on Personal Explanations dated 29th June 2010 be laid before Seanad Éireann; that the report be printed; and that the report is hereby adopted.

On a point of order, is this an amendment to Standing Orders? What exactly is being proposed? No document was supplied to Members.

It is adopting a new Standing Order.

When will it be laid before the House?

Once it is agreed it will go to the Library and be circulated among Members.

It is odd to circulate a document in the House after Members agree to it. It should be circulated before we agree to it. There is just one line concerning it on the Order Paper.

It was circulated yesterday.

It was in Members' pigeonholes last night.

I read the document. This is a change to the way we do certain aspects of our business. To make a change such as this without debate is inappropriate.

The Committee on Procedure and Privileges adopted it yesterday and it was then circulated to Members.

It is not a change to Standing Orders.

Question put and agreed to.