Private Security Services (Amendment) Bill 2021: Committee and Remaining Stages

Sections 1 to 8, inclusive, agreed to.
Title agreed to.
Bill reported without amendment.

When is it proposed to take Report Stage?

Is that agreed? Agreed.

Bill received for final consideration.

When is it proposed to take Fifth Stage?

Is that agreed? Agreed.

Question proposed: "That the Bill do now pass."

I thank my colleagues for their co-operation. I congratulate them and the Minister of State on progressing this important legislation. Would the Minister of State like to say a few final words? We will not go around the houses this time, though, because Senators have adequately addressed the Bill already. I call the Minister of State for a few valedictory words.

I thank the Leas-Chathaoirleach. I think this will be my last opportunity to contribute in the Seanad as the end of this term approaches. We have brought a great deal of legislation through both Houses, with the support and facilitation of the Seanad. I extend my gratitude to the Leas-Chathaoirleach, the Cathaoirleach and Senators. This is important legislation. Along with the Personal Insolvency (Amendment) Act 2021, which we dealt with in this House only some weeks ago, this legislation will help to support people who find themselves in difficult situations. If it is at all possible, I hope we can prevent people ending up in such situations in the first place. I again thank the Leas-Chathaoirleach and Senators.

I thank the Minister of State for how proactive he has been in bringing legislation through the Seanad and how he interacts wholesomely and properly with Senators. It is noted and appreciated. I also thank all my colleagues for their co-operation in the context of a recognition of serious legislation such as this Bill.

Question put and agreed to.
The Seanad adjourned at 12.42 p.m. until 9.30 a.m. on Friday, 9 July 2021.