Gnó an tSeanaid - Business of Seanad

Before I call the Leader to outline the Order of Business, I wish to inform the House that Christy Kelly in the Oireachtas print facility is retiring after 40 years of service to us all. He is one of the great gentlemen of Leinster House. He does a lot of quiet work and helps out Members in all sorts of ways in trying to get their message out. We all know how hard it is to communicate in the modern world, but the print facility, under Christy, has been a phenomenal resource for Members and Senators down through the years.

Christy said that he came here when he was 26 and had a full head of hair, and teeth. I believe that he still has both but I am not too sure. Christy and his wife, Paula, plan to take a long trip to Australia after Christmas. We hope that they have a grand time Down Under, celebrate appropriately and think of us when they are on the beach while we get a bit colder here.

My only advice to Christy comes from a message that was posted on the window of a shop in Kenmare. After 48 years of delivering bread to all the shops in the area, the three Moriarty brothers retired. They wrote in beautiful script on the window a message to all their customers, thanking them for their service and loyalty down through the years, and then said, "Now we must learn the art of how to spend time without spending money." When Christy learns that in Australia, he might come back and impart all of that wisdom to us. We wish Christy and his wife, Paula, and all the family a long and happy retirement.

I echo the Cathaoirleach's comments. We often talk about the wonderful people who work in the environs of this place we call our job, and I have always stated that there are some incredibly special people who mind us, look after us and help us every day.

I have always stated there are some incredibly special people who mind and look after us and help us every single day. Christy is an absolute gem of a gentleman. I cannot believe he is here 40 years. It is a real testament to the character he is. Not very many people can cite 40 years' service in any particular job, certainly not for my generation and younger. I wish him and Paula continued happiness and I hope they have a fabulous trip.