Business of Special Committee

I ask members to remain for a few minutes to discuss our work programme. An email was circulated about this. I am eager that we get notifications and invitations out to people before the Christmas break. Some of the suggestions for witnesses included MEPs and our new Commissioner, Mairead McGuinness. We will try to link in with the ESRI or other stakeholders as well. We may have to communicate by email to get agreement from the committee. I thank the clerk, Christy Haughton, for organising this, because it has been difficult to organise with such a short lead-in time to give people notice to come to meetings. We want to avoid that in the new year. I propose that we allow the clerk to make inquiries with the various stakeholders to see what their availability is. I might come back to members via email, through the clerk, and we will get agreement that way in order that we can have guests lined up for the three weeks when we come back towards the end of January. Is that agreed? Agreed.

If there are any issues or suggestions, I ask members to send them in by email and we can deal with them through email channels. I thank members for their engagement. It was a very positive meeting with the Scottish Government representative, Mr. Russell, and Mr. Neal. It was a good engagement for the committee and a good way to finish the term.

What is the date of our next meeting?

Our next meeting will be held the first week we are back. We will correspond with members via email about it but it will definitely be that week.

If there is a necessity to meet the week before, we will do that but I envisage it happening the first week we are back.

The special committee adjourned at 6.38 p.m. sine die.