The question is that Section 1 stand part of the Bill.

There is an amendment here of Mrs. Costello.

That is further on.

I am not sure that it does not affect this Section.

If you think that the amendment affects Section 1 we will pass from Section 1.

The effect of the amendment is, as far as I understand it, to extend the Bill to all Dublin.

I do not think so.

Where are the words in Mrs. Costello's amendment ?

(reading from Mrs. Costello's amendment) : “ The provisions of Section 3 of this Act shall apply to the erection of any new building on a site fronting on a new street as if such site were the site of a building which has been damaged or destroyed in the course of the recent disturbances.” That extends the Bill to all Dublin.

The Bill applies to every plot that has been destroyed in the recent disturbances, not necessarily in Sackville Street.

And in connection with the reconstruction of areas.

Damaged or destroyed within these areas.

It does not say so. According to this amendment it says the whole of Dublin.

It is only in connection with the destroyed areas.

The whole scope of the Bill is reconstruction.

Question : " That Section 1 stand part of the Bill," put and agreed.