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Select Committee on Enterprise, Trade and Employment debate -
Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Business of Select Committee

I thank the members for participating in today's committee meeting. I remind all members they are required to participate either within the meeting room or remotely from within the Leinster House complex. Should a division occur, members participating remotely will be required to make their way to the meeting room within the normal division time to vote before returning to their original location. The proceedings of Oireachtas committees are now conducted without the requirement for social distancing, with normal capacity in the committee rooms restored. However, committees are encouraged to take a gradual approach to this change. Members have the option to attend meetings in the relevant committee room or online through MS Teams. All those attending in the committee room and their environs should continue to sanitise, wash their hands properly and often, avail of sanitisers where possible, be respectful of other people's physical space and practise good respiratory etiquette. Members and all in attendance are asked to exercise personal responsibility in protecting themselves and others from the risk of contracting Covid-19. Those who have any Covid-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, should not attend the meetings.