Business of Select Committee (Resumed)

I propose that the relevant departmental officials be invited to appear before the committee to update us on community sewerage schemes.

I agree with the Deputy that we need to have a meeting to discuss the issue of group and community sewerage schemes.

We could also include the areas that have been left without water.

I ask the Minister, Deputy Ring, to advise his officials that, with officials from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, they will be invited to appear before the committee to discuss the issue. We could also invite representatives of Irish Water and the local authorities to come because we need to adopt a collaborative approach.

We need to be careful because Irish Water does not service some of the towns and villages about which we are speaking. There are group water schemes but no sewerage schemes. I have no problem with representatives of Irish Water being invited, but we need to nail down with Irish Water that there are areas with which the Department will be dealing directly.

The committee could propose that a number of pilot schemes be put in place to put the proposal to the test. In fairness to the Minister, he has indicated his willingness to support a scheme similar to what has been proposed. Is it agreed that we make that proposal? Agreed.

The select committee adjourned at 9.55 p.m. sine die.