Business of Select Committee

Deputy Troy raised an important matter at this select committee hearing. I would like to get an answer to that, but I note the other committee members, who are Senators, are not here, and they may have a view. I am trying to be fair to everyone, present and not present. If it is reasonable and the Minister is happy to respond to that question, the committee would appreciate it.

About Brexit? Shall I do it now or when the others come in?

It is a joint committee issue, but I do not want to be heavyhanded either.

I will answer it when they come in. That is fine.

We will ensure Deputy Troy asks the question.

They will not come in until 10.45 a.m.

That is what we arranged because this might take longer. Deputy Troy will be first in on that issue. I do not want to take from his interest.

I thank the Minister and his officials for attending, and I look forward to seeing them again shortly.

The select committee adjourned at 9.49 a.m. sine die.