Tuesday, 27 January 2004

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Tom Hayes


273 Mr. Hayes asked the Minister for Agriculture and Food when payment of the suckler ten month and 22 month premia, along with any other payments due for 2003, will issue to a herdowner (details supplied) in County Tipperary. [1255/04]

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Written answers (Question to Minister for Agriculture and Food)

The person named included a land parcel on his 2003 area aid application, which overlapped with a land parcel on another herdowner's application. Both parties were written to on this matter. It has now been determined that the person named was not entitled to claim area aid on this parcel. The person named claimed 62.04 hectares of forage but was only entitled to claim 57.09 hectares. Under the relevant EU regulation a penalty of double this difference was applied, as the difference was greater than 3%, which reduced the area determined for payment purposes to 47.19 hectares.

The person named submitted two applications under the 2003 special beef premium scheme in respect of 60 animals. Both applications have been processed by my Department and 80% advance payment will issue very shortly.

The person named had 58 animals slaughtered under the 2003 slaughter premium scheme, and has been paid advance payment on 33 animals. Advance payment in respect of the remaining 25 animals will issue shortly.

The person named applied for premium on 22 animals under the 2003 suckler cow premium scheme. According to the terms and conditions of the scheme a producer may be paid premium on up to 1.8 reckonable livestock units only per hectare of the forage area of his or her holding as established from the producer's 2003 area aid application and any cattle submitted for 2003 suckler cow premium and special beef premium over and above that 1.8 reckonable livestock units limit shall not be paid such premium. The livestock units are calculated taking into account male cattle on which the producer applies for special beef premium, ewes submitted for 2003 ewe premium, notional dairy cows needed to produce any milk quota held and suckler cows or heifers for which suckler cow premium has been requested. The area aid record for the person named shows 47.19 hectares of forage area, which would allow payment on a maximum of 84.94 livestock units. The herdowner holds a milk quota of 131,681 litres and divided by the average yield of 3,982 litres would require 33.06 notional dairy cows to produce this. Applications from the herdowner for ewe premium on 4.35 livestock units and beef premium for 36 livestock units have been processed leaving 11.53 livestock units due for payment under the suckler cow scheme. Payment of his 80% advance instalment for €2,282.74 was made in respect of 12.73 animals. that is three heifers less than two years old, 1.80 livestock units and 9.73 cows. This payment issued on 9 January 2004.