Tuesday, 10 February 2004

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Michael Ring


475 Mr. Ring asked the Minister for Social and Family Affairs the amount which was spent in her Department from January 2002 to December 2003 for media purposes and advertising; the areas in which the money was spent, that is, national papers, provincial papers, RTE radio, local radios and so on; the amounts spent on a year to year basis; and the amount of money which was spent on videos, whether for promotional, educational or advertising purposes. [4071/04]

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Written answers (Question to Minister for Family)

The amount spent by my department for media and advertising purposes in the period January 2002 to December 2003 was €1,605,919. This money was spent on advertising in national, daily and Sunday newspapers, provincial papers, television, national, radio and local radio.

In this two year period, my department advertised on a broad range of social welfare related issues. Issues covered included the introduction of the euro, the payment arrangements for the budget 2002 and budget 2003 increases, a campaign promoting awareness of the personal public service number and its uses, the promotion of the farm assist scheme among low income farmers, the promotion of grant schemes, and the relocation of departmental offices.

The total amount spent on advertising for all our various schemes and services in 2002 was €1,319,239. This comprised of €981,960 in the print media and €337,279 in the broadcast media. Of the print media expenditure, €524,389 was in respect of national papers, €366,825 in respect of provincial papers and €90,746 in respect of periodicals during the year. The broadcast media expenditure was divided between 127,558 on national television, €49,078 on national radio, €29,977 on local radio and €130,666 on other broadcast media.

The total amount spent on advertising for all our various schemes and services in 2003 was €286,680, divided between €258,572 on the print media and €28,108 on the broadcast media. Print media expenditure comprised of €120,114 in national papers, €74,323 in provincial papers and €64,135 in periodicals. Broadcast media expenditure amounted to €6,002 on local radio advertising and €22,106 on other broadcast media.