To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs what decision the Government has reached in reference to the urgent question of Ireland's application for membership of the League of Nations.

The Government has decided not to make application for admission to the League of Nations at present.

Will the Minister give us reason?

I refer you to the Constitution of the League of Nations.

The matter is on the Orders of the Day for debate.

Arising out of that I see it is on the Agenda, but it has lost its place. I desire to draw your attention to that fact because it seems to me that when a Member having a Motion down on any one day puts off that Motion out of consideration for the Government, and by consent, I think, Sir, that that motion should keep its place. I would further like to have your assurance that that motion will be the first of the private motions on the list. I think it is wrongly printed.

I wish to point out that the Government did not ask the Deputy to withdraw his Motion the other day. I presume he withdrew it for his own convenience, and not the Government's.

I wonder would you allow me to say, before we enter on any other business, that I have given notice that I will to-morrow move the Franchise Resolution about which I spoke a couple of days ago in regard to the compilation of the new Register. The Resolution is somewhat long and I won't read it, but in order that Members who may wish to do so may have an opportunity of studying it I have a certain number of typewritten copies.

May I ask your decision, Mr. Chairman, on he point I raised. By consent I agreed to postpone the Motion, and I submit in ordinary fairness——

It should take precedence of Motions by other private Members.

That can be done.

As regards the point raised by the Minister for Local Government is it satisfactory to you and to the Dáil that one day's notice— rather less than one day's notice—should be given of a very important resolution such as that indicated?

It will be impossible in future when the Standing Orders proposed to-day will be adopted. Under the old Standing Orders it is impossible to insist upon further notice. I agree that more notice should be given.

On a point of order. What is to become of a question if the Minister to whom it is addressed is not present?

A written answer could be given, and afterwards included in the official report.

That would satisfy me with reference to question 7.

That would prevent a Member from raising a supplementary question.

It would. A supplementary question could be put down again, of course.

So far as question No. 6 is concerned I would prefer that it should be postponed.

And put on for to-morrow.

I wish to as the same with regard to question 4.

On a point of information, Mr. Chairman, are we to take it that the Motion on the Franchise mentioned by the Minister for Local Government is to take precedence of all other business on to-morrow's Orders?

A Deputy is present, Mr. D. Vaughan, who has not yet signed the roll. I would ask him to come forward and sign the roll.

Deputy D. Vaughan signed the roll.