I beg to ask the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether he has yet received a report or reports from the Railway Commission; if so, when it or they will be placed at the disposal of the Dáil, and whether the Government has arrived at any decision on their policy in respect to the future control of the railways?

Both a Majority and Minority Report have been received by the Government. It has not yet had an opportunity of considering them, or of deciding when they should be published.

In view of the fact that the reports have received partial publication in the Press already, does the Minister not think it advisable that the reports should be circulated at an early date for the information of Members of the Dáil and other interested parties?

I think I have answered that. When the Government have an opportunity of discussing the whole thing they will decide when and whether they will publish the report.

On a point of order. Is there any discretion left with the Ministry in regard to a Commission appointed by the Ministry as to the publication of that Commission's Report?

There is nothing in the draft Standing Orders about it.

It is a matter of common practice. Surely, there is no doubt about it.

Are we to take it seriously that the Ministry has yet to consider whether or not it will publish this report?

I said "when" they should be published.

Yes, and "whether."