Now, we will take the Motion originally proposed— that the Bill be received for final consideration. When will the final consideration take place?

The Seanad is having a special meeting at 2.30 on Monday. If it were agreeable to the Dáil we could suspend Standing Orders so that it could come before them.

There is no need. You can take it straight away.

I move formally that the Bill be now passed.

I second.

As there have been so many amendments made to-day as a general rule I would like to ask information as to whether this Bill, as passed, will go before the Seanad, and will we get copies of it in its final form without waiting for its return from the Seanad.

Yes, copies will be circulated to the Deputies here the same as to the members of the Seanad at the earliest moment.

Motion made and question put: "That the Bill, as amended, be now passed."