The Minister for Local Government announces he will take two schedules to-morrow, but perhaps he might take more.

There is hardly anything in the two.

The difficulty is there are some amendments to the other schedules that we intend to take on the next day and the amendments might not be ready then. I think there will be another motion before the Dáil and I do not know how long it will occupy.

Yes. There will be a motion by Deputy Johnson: "That the Dáil disapproves of the General Army Order which has been laid upon the Table of the Dáil." Will the Minister state when he intends to take the Report stage of this Bill?

I would want an interval of at least ten days or a fortnight, in order to enable the various undertakings I have given to be carried out.

I think at least a fortnight should elapse between the Committee stage and the others. The Dáil now stands adjourned until three o'clock to-morrow.

The Dáil adjourned at 4.50 p.m.