I now move the adjournment of the Dáil until 3 o'clock to-morrow. I think we will be able to take the Second Reading of the Justices' Bill on Friday, and the Report Stage of the Local Government Electoral Law Bill on to-morrow week.


When will the District Justices' Bill be in the hands of the members?

To-morrow afternoon, probably at 4 o'clock. Is it proposed to take the Second Reading on Thursday or Friday?


It will depend on whether we will finish the Committee Stage of this Bill on which we are engaged on to-morrow. If we do finish to-morrow there will be, I think, no business except the Second Reading of the District Justices' Bill for Thursday.

That would hardly give us time to consider it.


I think it is unlikely that we will finish the Committee Stage of this Enforcement of the Law Bill to-morrow.

We will take the Report Stage of the Electoral Law Bill on to-morrow week. Deputies should put in their amendments for this Electoral Law Bill as early as possible.

I would like to ask a question as to how we stand with regard to that matter. There were several suggestions made with regard to this Bill, and they were accepted, subject to reservations by the Minister, and yet in the form in which it is now circulated it is described as "Amended in Committee," while a great many of these amendments are missing. Will it be necessary for us to repeat those amendments, or is it the intention of the Minister in charge of the Bill to bring them forward himself?

As far as I am concerned, in sending out the Bill to Deputies we are obliged to send it out as actually amended; but the Minister, I understand, has that matter in hands.

I propose to move a large number of amendments, in compliance with the undertakings I gave.

Will it be convenient for the Minister to circulate his amendments as early as possible? It would save sending in a large number of amendments if they were circulated in time.

I will circulate them as soon as possible.

If the Minister's amendments were circulated in time for Deputies to see them, if they were satisfied with them it would save our having amendments such as Deputy Magennis speaks of.

Motion put: "That the Dáil adjourn until to-morrow (Wednesday), at 3 o'clock."


The Dáil adjourned at 6.40 p.m.